The Healthy Feet Programme Lite (HFPlite) offers a streamlined version of the full programme. This may be of appeal to producers with more specific problems (e.g. digital dermatitis control) or for people that want to take a small first step towards improvement. The stages of the HFPlite are as follows:

Step One:            Preliminary questionnaire/ interview

Step Two:           Independent herd mobility score (by a RoMS accredited scorer)

                              Break results down by lactation if electronic analysis available

Step Three:        Trim and treatment record analysis to achieve ‘diagnosis’ using the lameness map to enable risk assessment to focus on key success factors. This should involve a discussion with all the foot trimmers on the farm. If records are not available then this should be based on perceived priorities of the farmer or trimmer, but making better recording an action point for the next review.

Step Four:           On farm visit for Risk Assessment and Action Plan formulation.

This visit is focused on the HFPLite checklist that is relevant to the most prevalent lesion/’diagnosis’.

                Sole ulcers:                        Cow Comfort/BCS/foot shape/EDPET

                White line disease:          Cow flow/BCS/horn quality/EDPET

                Digital dermatitis:            Infection pressure/EDPET

EDPET is included in all scenarios.

At end of visit, a facilitated action list (Action Plan or Foot Health Contract) is drawn up.

Step Five:           Follow-up call scheduled after suitable interval (e.g. 3 weeks) and a review at 12 months