Taking action

It is important to regularly assess the percentage of the herd that are mild to very lame (mobility score) and record the problems you find when treating your cows’ feet (lesions). This helps you to know:

  • How big the lameness problem is
  • Where to start tackling the problem

However, simply looking at the number of cows treated is only accurate if you are sure you are treating every lame cow. For a complete picture you need to Mobility Score the herd.

If you are unsure on the differences between lesions please look at a lesion atlas which illustrates the most common lesions found on dairy cattle feet.

The most common lesions found on UK farms are Sole bruising/haemorrhage, Sole Ulcers, White Line lesions, Digital Dermatitis and Foul and the links below provide further information on these individual problems.

  • Sole Ulcers
  • White Line┬álesions
  • Digital Dermatitis
  • Foul

Lesion definitions