COVID19 guidance for trimmers and scorers

Here are some links to guidance for trimmers and scorers. Note the guidance will be review and will change as restrictions are relaxed.

COVID-19 control – best practice for professional trimmers

Balancing the absolute need to minimise human contact with safeguarding the welfare of lame cows is not simple. The Mobility Steering Group have provided some guidance to professionals:
Follow this link for COVID-19 guidance relevant to professional foot trimmers applicable until further notice which is likely to be mid-May in the UK: Mobility Steering Group COVID-19 final
Here is a useful flowchart from the RCVS
The principles will apply to many other professionals and technicians working on farms.

For those farms managing lameness themselves, here is an excellent video on 1st aid approaches.   

  1. Safely restrain the cow and lift the foot
  2. Clean with dilute disinfectant (e.g. 1% FAM30, 2% hypochlorite)
  3. Feel for heat, test for pain by pressing the heels of each claw and/or using hoof testers, look for obvious lesions, look for swelling, sniff for odour. Look for the main lesions causing lameness. Pus may need releasing from a white line, but don’t go digging in black marks – detect the site of pain first. Once confirmed, think about applying the block early and coming back to the lesion while the glue sets.
  4. Glue a block on the sound claw. Note – don’t do this if you have never been trained. It may be possible to apply blocks with someone guiding you on a smartphone if you need help in difficult situation.
  5. Give the cow some pain relief. There are several licensed products available from your vet.