Systematic reviews and Critically Appraised Topics (CATs)

Here is my cat. Why a cat on a cow website? Clinically appraised topics (CATs) are used by doctors, nurses, physios and hopefully now lameness advisors. It would be good to build on the submissions below if you feel like contributing to a question. Please visit the websites at the bottom for more information on how to write a CAT.

Critically appraised topics (alternatively known as evidence reviews or knowledge summaries) are conducted by professionals looking to understand the published evidence applying to a clinical practice (usually a treatment or surgical approach). Below are some contributions:

Knowledge summaries, reviews and literature searches:

(bathing) by

TopicLinks to documentsContributors (year)
Digital dermatitis treatment and control Treatment of Digital Dermatitis in Dairy Cattle – CAT  Dr Al Manning (2016)
Foot bathing and disinfection Foot disinfection CAT
Here are some accompanying slides: slides
Dr Nick Bell (2015)
Foot trimming CAT Foot Trimming in Dairy Cattle 3(Reviewed)vs2 Dr Al Manning (2016)
Heifer foot health NEW****Lameness in dairy heifers – a systematic review of control strategies
Here are some accompanying slides: slides
Dr Nick Bell (2020)
Lameness detectionReference summary – CAT to follow
Here are some accompanying slides: slides
Dr Nick Bell (2020)

If you have a clinically appraised topic to share, we welcome your contributions. We also welcome comments and views on the submitted reviews (please keep all comments factual, evidence-based and respectful). We reserve the right to remove comments which are considered inappropriate or offensive.

For further information of how to produce a clinically appraised topic then please refer to the RCVS knowledge site and the Centre of Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine (CEBVM).