The lameness investigation

Taking action, investigating and planning…

Starting a lameness investigation on a farm consists of:

  • Establishing the prevalence of lameness on a herd level via mobility scoring
  • Identifying what lesion types are more prevalent, i.e. infectious or non-infectious or mixed
  • Identifying key risk factors for these lesions with farm walks and discussion with all members of the farm staff team
  • Initiating a SMART action plan, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely targets. 
  • Regular team meetings to monitor progress and continued data collection. 

Four main cornerstones of any lameness plan need to be: 

  • Early detection and prompt effective treatment
  • Reducing infection pressure – disinfection and foot hygiene 
  • Forces on feet – comfort tracks, cow flow
  • Robust feet – genetics, horn quality and hoof shape, healthy digital cushion
Taking Action
Taking action