The Healthy Feet Website

Welcome to The Healthy Feet Website

The Healthy Feet website for dairy producers, trimmers, vets and consultants working to improve the feet of dairy cows   


The development of this site was originally supported by the Tubney Charitable Trust, with sections funded by Defra. This updated website has been brought to you in collaboration with AHDB Dairy and the AHDB dairy research partnership.

True to the original website, we aim to pack it full of technical ideas. However, whenever possible we want to point to the research evidence and highlight the opinion-based information.

If you discover a new piece of research, something we’ve missed, or you’re just excited about the website then please let us know.

The website has been built from several important and useful research studies in the UK. We are grateful to all the funders and participating farmers for their input.

*Disclaimer: please note we expect the information on this site to be used with a suitably qualified professional/ expert. We cannot accept liability for mistakes that occur following implementation of ideas from the site. We make every effort to keep the website up-to-date and evidence-based. Not all ideas will work on every farm.