Mobility Scoring-RoMS

Mobility Scoring

RoMS is an independent, self-regulatory body which encourages the widespread use of standardised, independent Mobility Scoring conducted by trained and accredited scorers on UK dairy farms. RoMs uses the AHDB’s Mobility Scoring protocol. 

The aims of the RoMS are:

  1. To improve the mobility of the UK national dairy herd by
    1. Improving the quality and accuracy of Mobility Scoring data provided to producers and their agents.
    2. Providing standardised high quality data on the mobility of cows on UK dairy farms over time
  2. To be as inclusive of, and reactive to, the mobility scoring requirements of all key stake holders in the dairy supply chain. To this end, the founding committee has representatives from the dairy farming, veterinary and foot trimming sectors.
  3. If you have any questions about ROMS, or feedback on specific ROMS scorers, please contact
Mobility Scoring
Fig 11: AHDB’s mobility score sheet 

How to become Roms accredited? 

Come on a one day CPD course, details of courses are found here.

Complete 215 practice cow clips, these will be shared with you after completion of the course. 

Then get access to the link to the calibration test, once course and 215 clips are completed. 

Anyone who has completed an approved training course and passed the on-line test is eligible for inclusion on the register. Training providers will provide the details of candidates who have completed their courses and invite candidates to complete the registration process via .

Annual subscription fees are £30.

RoMS members will have to renew their membership annually. The renewal process will involve completion of an automated online assessment of video clips to ensure standardisation.