Recording foot lesions

Recording foot lesions causing lameness

Recording foot lesions is vital for diagnosing issues at herd level as well as for individual cow care. By measuring types and numbers of lesions, the success of any implemented changes can be measured too.

Many foot trimmers will have their own computer software on crushes to record data cow-side. It is vital however, that these systems and staff are using the correct terminology for lesions. To ensure a team approach to foot health, a standardised lesion recording systems is key. As well as, defining lesions across all sectors of the industry including farmers, vets and foot trimmers.  It is widely accepted that the definitions detailed in the ICAR foot lesion atlas should be used. 

It is vital all parts of the team communicate, the foot trimmer, vet, farmer, farm staff, only then can actions be fully implemented. 

Recording foot lesions

Fig 7: The team approach is vital

Scoring and recording guides 

ICAR lesion atlas

AHDB lesion guide

Example recording sheet

Farmer lesion recording sheet