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Welcome to the Healthy Feet Website.  This website aims to stimulate ideas and to facilitate the effective working together of farmers, vets and advisors. We have one disclaimer: please note we expect the information on this site to be used with a suitably qualified professional/ expert and we cannot accept liability for mistakes that occur following implementation of ideas from the site. We make every effort to keep the website up-to-date and evidence-based. Not all ideas will work on every farm.

Latest news:

Liverpool University publish an alarming epidemiological survey

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What’s new:
  • Register of Mobility Scorers: visit this page for further details about becoming a qualified scorer (click here)
  • Quick links pages  to up-to-date information resources
  • Find a mobility mentor in UK
  • Links to other useful websites

Coming soon:

  • Tools for registered mobility mentors and advisors looking to improve
  • Getting qualified – claw trimming courses
  • What does the science say?
  • What is the evidence? A set of summary articles that evaluate the scientific evidence for lameness interventions
  • Formalin in foot baths – will it be banned?

The development of this site was originally supported by the Tubney Charitable Trust, with sections funded by Defra. This updated website has been brought to you in collaboration with AHDB Dairy and the AHDB dairy research partnership.

True to the original website we aim to pack it full of technical ideas. However, whenever possible we want to point to the research evidence and highlight the opinion-based information.

If you discover a new piece of research, something we’ve missed, something we’ve got wrong or you’re just excited about the website then please let us know.

The website has been built from several important and useful research studies in the UK. We are grateful to all the funders and participating farmers for their input.

Latest news

April 2017 – Welcome to our newly-launched site! We are looking for people interested in beta testing our mentoring programme. Please contact us for more information!