Mobility mentors looking for resources to support Mobility Mentor work can find them on the AHDB website using the link provided during training. These are currently being migrated over to BCVA website.


A Cross-Sectional Study Into the Prevalence of Dairy Cattle Lameness and Associated Herd-Level Risk Factors in England and Wales (2018) Bethany E. Griffiths, Dai Grove White, and Georgios Oikonomou

Randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effect of foot trimming before and after first calving on subsequent lameness episodes and productivity in dairy heifers (2017). S.A. Mahendran, J.N. Huxley, Y.-M. Chang, M. Burnell, D.C. Barrett, H.R. Whay, T. Blackmore, C.S. Mason and N.J. Bell.

Early and non-intrusive lameness detection in dairy cows using 3-dimensional video (2018). K. Abdul Jabbar, , Mark F. Hansen, Melvyn L. Smith and Lyndon N. Smith. Video system had lameness detection accuracy of 95.7%.

Local anaesthesia and analgesia guidance for surgical treatment of cows with necrotic hoof lesions (2017). N.J.Bell, S.A.Mahendran

Measuring the response to therapeutic foot trimming in dairy cows with fortnightly lameness scoring (2014) M.Groenevelt, et al.

Disinfectant footbathing agents for the control of bovine digital dermatitis in dairy cattle (2014) N.J. Bell et al.

Evidence base behind foot trimming in UK dairy cattle (2016) A. Manning, S.A. Mahendran, N.J.Bell

Evaluation of treatments for claw horn lesions in dairy cows in a randomized controlled trial (2015) H.J.Thomas et al.

Recovery of chronically lame dairy cows following treatment for claw horn lesions: A randomised controlled trial (2016) H.J.Thomas et al.


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