A Study of Podal Pathology in Dairy-Cow Farms in the North of Tunisia

By Benchehida, N. and Guesmi, R. and Malek, A. and Zrelli, M., Recueil De Medecine Veterinaire, 1994
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Digital disorders were studied in six farms in the north of Tunisia. Of the 1280 dairy cows examined, 7.4% showed lameness. In 95.8% of cases, lamness was the result of podal pathology. The higher level of lameness (18.24%) was observed in a farm which used tethered housing, with short stalls and concrete flooring. The most frequently seen disorders were: interdigital dermatitis (17%), interdigital necrobacteriosis (13.7%), circumscribed pododermatitis (12.9%) and interdigital hyperplasia (10.5%). The lesions were localised, in 74.2% of cases, to the posterior limbs. The lateral claw of the posterior member was, in 64.2% of cases, the site of the lesion. However, all the lesions of the anterior limb were situated on the medial claw. Lesion attribution in relation to calving showed that 72.8% of the cases of lameness were observed in the first four months of lactation.
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