Anaerobic bacterial species isolated from bovines with pododermatitis

By Acypreste, C. S. and Fioravanti, M. C. S. and Mesquita, A. J. and Silva, C. A. and Silva, L. A. F., Arquivo Brasileiro De Medicina Veterinaria E Zootecnia, 1999
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The objective of this study was to isolate and identify the anaerobic bacteria species in bovine with different degrees of pododermatitis. Sixty bovines were divided into four groups of 15 as follows: group I included healthy animals, used as control; group II with animals in the initial phase of the process; group Ill, with animals displaying interdigital skin hyperplasia and group IV with animals with footrot. Interdigital tissue fragments were collected and processed for isolation and identification of anaerobic agents. The bacteria species isolated were: Dichelobacter nodosus in groups II, III and IV and Fusobacterium necrophorum only: in groups III and IV, with frequencies of 26.7%, 6.7%, and 20.0% for the former and 6.7% and 13.3% for the latter, respectively. In addition, Fusobacterium symbiosum was present in 40.0% of group 1, 6.7% of group II, 13.3% of group III and 13.3% of group IV; Bacteroides sp. in 6.7% of groups I and IV; Bacteroides ruminatus in 33.3% of group I, 6.7% of group II, 33.3% of group III and 13.3% of group IV; Bacteroides oralis in 6.7% of group III, and Fusobacterium mortiferum in 6.7% of group IV
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