Changes in hind claw shape and development of subclinical sole lesions after foot trimming in dairy cattle housed in a cubicle system

By Iketaki, T. and Ohtani, M. and Taguchi, K. and Yamada, H. and Yamagishi, N. and Yamashita, M., Journal of the Japan Veterinary Medical Association, 1999
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47 cattle (11 heifers, 11 first-calf heifers, 13 second-calf cows and 12 mature cows) housed in a cubicle system from one week after calving, were examined for changes in the hind claws monthly from 2 months before to 3 months after calving. All the feet were trimmed at 2 months before calving. The abaxial wall of the outer claw increased in length and the weight bearing surface of the inner claw decreased in area significantly at 2 months after calving, resulting in a distinct difference between the inner and the outer claw shape. A high prevalence of the white line defect and heel erosion was detected at calving and persisted up to 3 months after calving. Sole haemorrhage was most prevalent 2 to 3 months after calving, being significantly higher at the outer claw. The occurrence of foot diseases seemed to be due to the subclinical sole lesions and lack of hoof trimming after calving
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