Claw trimming: what farmers think!

By Weaver, A.D., Cattle Practice, 1997
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A postal questionnaire of 55 dairy farmers in Somerset, UK in 1995 (mean herd size 140 cows; mainly Holstein-Friesian) indicated that the annual incidence of lameness was 30% (range 5-100%). 65% regarded lameness as an important problem. The main causes were sole ulcer (75% of farms), digital dermatitis (53%), interdigital disease (15%) and laminitis (13%). All but one farm practised routine claw trimming performed by farm personnel at convenient times (54%) or at drying off (44%), usually with conventional tools. The veterinarian had assisted in instruction (passive observation in most cases) in 62% of farms though this was supplemented by self instruction (59%). Most farmers (91%) were satisfied with their results. A number of recommendations are made including a national register of paraprofessional claw trimmers and the creation of a formal UK training programme
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