Clinicopathological aspects of multiple lameness in live stock production

By Heckert, H. and Hofmann, W. and Weiler, H., Israel-Journal-of-Veterinary-Medicine, 1997
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A group of 31 calves, developed 2 weeks after housing different degrees of severe lameness of the right back leg. Three of the animals were brought to the clinic for investigation. One calf was euthanised in extremis. On pathological examination, in the region of the popliteal lymph node of the right back leg adjacent to the fibular and tibial nerves, the connective tissue was found to be fibrous and nodular. Histopathological examination revealed a chronic suppurative inflammation of both nerves and severe degenerative changes in the form of myelin sheath destruction and axonal fragmentation were also found. The lesions in all cases were due to a prophylactic treatment with an intramuscular injection of antibiotic
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