Comparison of topical application of three products for treatment of papillomatous digital dermatitis in dairy cattle

By Swann Britt, Jenks Gaska Jerome Garrett Edward Frank Konkle Darlene Mealy Martha, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 1996
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Objective: To test the effectiveness of 3 topical sprays for treatment of papillomatous digital dermatitis (PDD) in dairy cattle. Design: Prospective field trial. Animals: 48 lactating cows with PDD randomly assigned to 4 groups of 1 2 cows each. Procedure: For 3 weeks, cows in each group were treated topically with oxytetracycline solution (100 mg/ml), acidified ionized copper solution, acidified sodium chlorite solution, or a placebo (tap water). Cows were milked 3 times daily, and at each milking, lesions were washed with a pressure hose and treatment solutions were sprayed on the lesions. Degree of lameness was graded before and after 3 weeks of treatment. Results: Mean lameness score decreased (i.e., cows were less lame) for all 3 treatment groups, but increased for the control group. Clinical Implications: Daily application of topical solutions was effective in decreasing degree of lameness associated with PDD in cattle tested
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