Fluorosis in Dairy-Cows – Clinicopathological Findings

By Dogra, R. K. S. and Singh, G. R. and Singh, J. L. and Swarup, D., Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 1995
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An outbreak of fluorosis was recorded in dairy cattle of Aarey Milk Colony, Bombay. Of the 638 cows, 88 manifested symptoms of hind limb lameness, reluctance to move, skeletal deformities, bony exostoses, and wasting of main mass of hind quarter and shoulder muscles. Slight to marked dental lesions, loss in milk production, intermittent diarrhoea and emaciation were also present. The affected cows had significantly high concentration of serum and urine fluoride, serum alkaline phosphatase, urea nitrogen and creatinine, and low haemoglobin content. Higher amount of fluoride in mineral mixture supplement (952.92+/-1.49 ppm) was suspected to be the principal source of excessive flouride
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