Gross and histopathological study of endotoxin-induced hoof lesions in cattle

By Murray, R. D. and Singh, S. S. and Ward, W.R., Journal of Comparative Pathology, 1994
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Infusion of Escherichia coli endotoxin in 4 young cattle resulted in sole and wall haemorrhages that were more severe in the hind than in the fore feet. Histopathological examination of biopsies taken 5 days after infusion showed separation at the tips of the laminae, changes in the vascularity of the dermal papillae and laminae, lightly stained material in the sole horn and degeneration of the epidermal cells of the laminae and papillae. Later, densely stained material in the tubules of the sole, atherosclerosis in all parts of the corium and proliferative changes in the laminae were seen. It is concluded that endotoxin can induce diffuse aseptic pododermatitis in cattle, characterized by initial degenerative changes in the papillae and laminae followed by proliferative changes in the laminae and atherosclerosis in all parts of the corium
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