Lesions associated with subclinical laminitis of the claws of dairy calves in two management systems [see comments]

By Greenough, P. R. and Vermunt, J. J., British Veterinary Journal, 1995
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Claws of ten 6 to 7-month-old dairy calves in two management systems were examined for lesions associated with subclinical laminitis. Sole haemorrhages were found only in claws of calves maintained out of doors. No significant differences in number and severity of haemorrhages were found between left and right or lateral and medial claws, but haemorrhages were more frequent and more severe in hind claws than in front claws (P < 0.05). More haemorrhages of greater severity were present in the white zone at the toe than in all other areas of the weight-bearing surface combined (P < 0.05). No lesions of interdigital dermatitis and heel horn erosion were found in either indoor-housed or outdoor-housed calves. All calves kept indoors on deep bedding developed overgrown claws
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