Management of a radial fracture in an adult bull

By Brown, C. E. and Hanson, P. D. and Trostle, S. S. and Wilson, D. G., Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 1995
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An 823-kg 4-year-old Holstein bull was examined because of acute lameness of the left forelimb. Radiography revealed a closed, comminuted, spiral fracture of the radius that extended from the distal portion of the diaphysis to the antebrachiocarpal joint. The fracture was repaired with combination of internal fixation (2 compression plates, 1 of which incorporated a condylar screw and both of which were luted) and external coaptation (full-limb cast and Thomas-Schroeder splint). The development of larger implants and the combination of internal and external fixation methods provides hope that certain fractures in cattle that were once thought irreparable can now be treated
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