New Treatment For Bovine Panaritium Using Urotovet Cream

By Bozovic, V. and Bresjanac, D. and Jovanovic, A. and Milcic, D. and Stojicevic, S., Vet Glas, 1990
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The major health problem in large bovine flocks are diseases of the locomotive organs, especially hooves. A great many etiological factors may cause damage to horn tissue of the hoof, however, the most frequent are lack of proper care, inadequate base and rough surface, poor hygienic conditions in stall objects, inappropriate diet, etc. The usual therapy involved copper sulphate, oleum gyrodali, zinc vitamin cream, etc., which have all been used more or less successfully. In addition to other steps such as the regular care of the hooves, timely treatment and the like, the use of Urotovet cream to treat panaricium may help towards reduction of the number of hooves diseased and towards healing of changes already incurred. A single application of the Urotovet produced healing effect in 75.7% of cases while in 24.3% of cases the treatment had to be repeated two or more times
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