Spirochetes isolated from dairy cattle with papillomatous digital dermatitis and interdigital dermatitis

By Loretz, K. J. and Nordhausen, R. W. and Read, D. H. and Walker, R. L., Veterinary Microbiology, 1995
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Two groups of spirochetes were isolated from papillomatous digital dermatitis (PDD) lesions in dairy cattle. The two groups could be readily differentiated on the basis of morphologic and immunologic characteristics and enzymatic activity. A spirochete isolated from an interdigital dermatitis (IDD) lesion appeared morphologically and antigenically similar to spirochetes in one of the PDD groups and exhibited an identical enzyme activity pattern. The two groups of PDD spirochetes had characteristics most consistent with the genus Treponema. The PDD and IDD isolates differed morphologically from previously described bovine Treponema spp. Although spirochetes have been observed to be one of the predominant bacterial morphotypes in PDD and IDD and are found invading the stratum spinosum and dermal papillae in PDD lesions, the significance of these spirochetes in the etiopathogenesis of PDD and IDD is presently unknown.
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