Study of foot diseases on dairy farms in northern Tunisia

By Ben Chehida, N. and Chehida, N. B. and Guesmi, R. and Malek, A. and Zrelli, M., Recueil De Medecine Veterinaire, 1994
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Of 1280 cows examined between October, 1991, and April, 1992, on 6 farms, 95 (7.4%) showed lameness. The lameness did not originate in the foot in only 4 cases. Lameness was most frequent (18.2%) on a farm with tethered housing, with short stalls and concrete flooring. The commonest disorders were interdigital dermatitis (17%), interdigital necrobacillosis (13.7%), circumscribed pododermatitis (12.9%), and interdigital hyperplasia (10.5%). The lesions were in hind limbs in 74.2% of the cases, with the lateral claw of a hind limb being affected in 64.2% of the cases. All forelimb lesions were on a medial claw. Nearly 73% of the cases of lameness occurred in the first 4 months of lactation
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