The Influence of the Claw Trimming Procedure According to the Farriers Method On Milk-Yield, Somatic-Cell Count and Bacteriological Status of Milk Samples in Dairy-Cattle

By Schoder, G. and Stanek, C. and Thonhauser, M. M., Wiener Tierarztliche Monatsschrift, 1994
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In 45 dairy cattle of one herd (mean age 3.5 yrs.) in the last third of lactation the influence of the claw trimming procedure using the farriers method on the milk yield, the somatic cell count and clinical udder status was determined. After a pretesting phase of 7 to 10 days the claw trimming was carried out on 4 subsequent days, trimming 8 - 13 cows daily. After claw trimming the parameters were determined over a period of 22 days. A statistical significant decrease of milk yield of 10 % was observed, whereas the increase of somatic cell count was not significant. In 12 cows a positive bacteriological finding was evident in milk samples in the period after claw trimming. One cow exhibited an acute catarrhalic mastitis. Part of the milk depression was also caused by the disturbance in the stable and not only by the claw trimming procedure itself
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