Treatment of complicated septic disorders of the bovine digit, using a combination of surgical therapy and application of sodium-ceftiofur

By Kofler, J. and Stanek, Ch, Tierarztliche Praxis.Ausgabe G, Grosstiere Nutztiere, 1998
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The use of sodium-ceftiofur (Excenel), 1 mg/kg body mass, i.m. was evaluated in the therapy of complicated claw diseases, like septic arthritis of the distal interphalangeal joint, septic tenosynovitis of the digital flexor tendon sheath or complicated inter-digital necrosis. Sodium-ceftiofur was applied in 34 dairy cattle in addition to surgical intervention. 14 cattle of the control group received only surgical intervention without additional antibiotic therapy. Application of the cephalosporin proved to be necessary, with the untreated animals exhibiting far more disturbance of the re-convalescence course in the postoperative phase. Treated animals had a decreasing duration of the postoperative stay at the clinic. Sodium-Ceftiofur was an effective antibiotic in the therapy, an application over a 5-to 10-day-period is recommended in complicated digital diseases. As a side effect five cows exhibited slight diarrhoea, which disappeared without additional treatment
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