Treatment of peculiar dermatitis in dairy cattle, using Himax ointment

By Gowda, R. N. S. and Setty, D. R. L. and Thyagaraja, P. R., Pashudhan, 1997
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An analysis of epidemiological data of 61 cases of leg dermatitis found in cattle from the milk-shed areas of Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF), India, was made. The disease was characterised by progression of the dermatitis (with erectophili, erythema and crust formation) upwards from the interdigital joint to the carpal joint in the fore leg and to the stifle joint in the hind leg, with occasional presence in the udder and groin area. It was more prevalent during monsoons, in high humidity and in animals reared on concrete floors, fed with commercial concentrates or infested with biting flies. Haematological tests showed moderate neutrophilia and eosinophilia. Four cases had sarcoptic and 2 had chorioptic mange. Staphylococcus hyicus was found in 41 cases, S. hyicus and fungal elements in 17 cases and S. hyicus and yeast in 3 cases. Only S. hyicus and Aspergillus, Mucor and Absidia spp. were isolated. Streptopenicillin injection plus local application of Himax ointment/lotion was the most common treatment, resulting in gradual reduction of dermatitis by the 7th day and normal health by the 10th day. It is suggested that the bactericidal, fungicidal and fly-repellent properties of Himax assisted in hastening healing
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