Defra-approved disinfectants for bTB (which means it kills most important pathogens, except cryptosporidium)

The following list is correct as of 20th December 2020. The most current list can be found at the following link.

Product NameCompany NameDilution rate for bTB (ml per g disinfectant)Type of disinfectantComment
AgrichlorHydrachem Limited12 *effervescent chlorine tablet containing the active ingredient Troclosene Sodium
AgrichlorEvans Vanodine International Plc12 *
Anigene NaDCCMedimark Scientific Ltd12 *Troclosene Sodium
Biocid 30Zoetis Belgium SA20Iodophor
Bio-CK25Biolink Limited15GLUTARALDEHYDE 14 %, QUATERNARY AMMONIUM COMPOUNDS 2.5 %Probably unsuitable for misting crushes
BioKlorBiolink Limited12 *Troclosene Sodium
Bi-OO-CystBiolink Limited15Acids
BIOSPOTHydrachem Limited12 *Effevescent chlorine tabletsEffervescent Chlorine Tablets are based on a dry chlorine donor, Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) 
CoxicurRumenco Ltd15Acids
DIS-IN-FECTAGMA Limited12 *Ammonium chloride
FAM 30Evans Vanodine International Plc20Acidified iodineWidely used but stains yellow and erodes galvanised metal
FarmsanHolchem Laboratories Ltd20Unknown
InterkokaskInterhygiene GmbH32.33Chlorocresol
Interkokask ConcentrateInterhygiene GmbH32.33Chlorocresol
Iodo-PharmEast Riding Farm Services Ltd20Acifidied iodine
MedicystAnimal Medics Ltd15Not found
Mida Chriox F2Christeyns N.V.1Peracetic acid
Mira 30Calton Commercial Coprporation20Not found
Novagen F.P.Industrial & Veterinary Hygiene10Iodine based?
RapicidZoetis Belgium SA20Iodine
SanitabAmity International12 *Chorine tablets
Superdine MaxAFS Animalcare Ltd20Formalin and glutaraldhehyde (unsuitable for crushes)
TibicurRumenco Ltd10Not found
Total Farm DisinfectantDownland Marketing Ltd20Acidified iodine
V18Evans Vanodine International Plc20Iodophor
Virkon® LSPAntec International Limited15Liquid Synthetic Phenolics (LSP)
Virochlor 500Kilco [International] Ltd – group KERSIA12 *effervescent chlorine tablet
Virophor 2.8%Kilco [International] Ltd – group KERSIA20Acidified iodine
Virudine PlusAntec International Limited20Iodophor
*Number of Millilitres To One Gram Disinfectant
To be used undiluted
 All other disinfectants are measured as Number of Parts Water To One Part Disinfectants.