International Ruminant Lameness Symposium and Conference

Lameness in Ruminants (LIR) conference has been running for many years. International researchers and lameness professionals meet every two years and are held all around the world. Next conference is in 2-6 August 2021 in Minesota, USA. See

If anyone has access to the missing proceedings it would be wonderful to complete the collection.

Proceedings of past LIR events were retrieved from , and Roger Blowey!

2019 Tokyo, Japan proceedings

2017 Munich, Germany proceedings

2015 Valdivia, Chile proceedings

2013 Bristol, UK proceedings

2011 Rotarua, New Zealand – pdf for each paper

2009 Kuopio

2006 Uruguay

2004 Maribor, Slovenia proceedings

2002 Orlando, USA proceedings

1996 Proceedings

1994 Proceedings

1990 Proceedings

1986 Proceedings

1978 Skara, Sweden Proceedings