Stages of Healthy Feet programme

The Healthy Feet Programme is a multi-stage programme which brings together information about the farm foot health performance and risks into action planning team discussion. The steps are as follows:
1. Enrol onto programme (Enrolment Form final)
2. Mobility score – prior to start
3. Skills check – trim and treat a selection of sound and lame cows (vet and main trimmers on farm). Review foot trimming records. Use pictures of lesions to stimulate discussion about the types of foot lesion found on farm.
4. Identifying risk factors AHDB Dairy Healthy Feet Programme Checklist
5. Facilitated team discussion and action plan
a. Prioritising lesions which might be through incidence, prevalence or cost (see Cost of lameness calc -Willshire & Bell). Present numbers on the lameness map Lameness Map A3
b. Superimpose main risk factors
c. Convert to success factors
d. Select the actions which are feasible and considered most effective and populate Mobility Contract A4
6. Review progress after 6-12 months (Progress review)