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AHDB Dairy lameness resources

Cattle Hoof Care Standards Board (

Cattle Lameness Academy

Lameness Management in Dairy Herds – Neil Chesterton (New Zealand) (

National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers (NACFT)

National Animal Disease Information Service (NADIS)

NPTC City and Guilds level 3 foot trimming qualification and trimming assessment schedule

Register of Mobility Scorers (

University of Minnesota lameness extension (

Wisconsin University Food Animal Production Medicine lameness webpage

The following fact sheets are available through NADIS:
MDC Rawson 5

Claw Trimming

Mobility scoring

White line,-treatment-and-control.aspx

Sole ulcers,-treatment-and-control.aspx

Digital dermatitis

Foot bathing

Cubicle comfort

Cow tracks

Healthy feet resources :

Healthy feet programme:

Welfare outcomes score cards and films:

Research pages:

Lameness control:

Digital dermatitis:

Literature review:

Webinars:  There are few webinars on lameness with Jon Huxley, Richard Laven, Neil Chesterton and on cow comfort with Nina von Keyserlingk. The full list is here: