We are involved with several webinar series a year, when we have recordings available and permissions form relevant companies we will post them here:

Tuesday 8th September 4-5pm GMT

Frida Akerstrom: ‘Hoof health records in Sweden – how does it work in practice and what are the benefits’

Chair: Kate Cross

Wednesday  9th September 4-5.30pm GMT

What are the proposed changes to the Vet Surgeons Act and what will this mean for trimmers and vets? RCVS Registrar Eleanor Ferguson

The vet led team – James Russell, British Veterinary Association

BCVA position on foot trimming – Colin Mason

Vet-trimmer communication – Sara Pedersen

Chair: Tim Carter

Thursday  10th September 4-5pm GMT

Evgenij Telezhenko, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences: ‘Pressures within the hoof: The interaction between the claw and floor’

Chair: Nick Bell

Friday  11th September 4-5pm GMT: PANEL DISCUSSION

Introduction from Prof Martin Green, Chairman of the Dairy Cattle Mobility Steering Group – What’s on the Horizon?

Panel members include: Prof Martin Green, Frida Akerstrom, Evgenij Telezhenko, James Russell, Ben Myring, Tim Carter

Chair: Derek Armstrong