An animal-based welfare assessment of group-housed calves on UK dairy farms

By Green, L. E. and Main, D. C. J. and WEBSTER, A.J.F. and Whay, H. R., Animal Welfare, 2003
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A series of measures of calf welfare was dei,eloped through a process of expert consultation. A welfare assessment of group-housed calves was carried out on 53 UK dairy farms during the winter of 2000/01. The assessment used animal-based measures including direct observation of the calves and examination of their health history through a review of farm records. The findings from this were compiled into a profile of calf welfare which outlined the range of results for each measure used The results fell into the three categories of respiratory health, nutrition and general appearance. A broad range of results was found across the farms visited for the measures in each of these categories. Some,farms peformed well for all measures taken, and no farms performed consistently badly across all aspects of calf welfare. The majority of farms combined aspects of both good and poor welfare performance.
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