Clinical characterization and treatment of bovine pododermatitis

By da Silva, L. A. F. and Eurides, D. and Fioravanti, M. C. S. and Jayme, V. de and Silva, C. A. and Silva, L. A. F., Veterinaria Noticias, 1999
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A total of 45 cattle of various breeds, ages and both sexes with pododermatitis were studied. 15 cattle in the initial stage of the disease were treated with i.m. injection of enrofloxacin and bathing of the foot in antiseptic. 15 animals with vegetative interdigital pododermatitis were treated by removal of the fibrous area, cauterization and topical application of a plant extract. Application of the plant extract was alternated with bathing in antiseptic. Three i.m. treatments with oxytetracycline were used at 3 day intervals. Group 3 had necrotic pododermatitis. In 11 animals the necrotic areas were removed and cauterized and treatment proceeded as for group 2. In 4 animals, the second and third phalanges were removed under local anaesthetic. The wound was treated with oxytetracycline and nitrofurazone. Four i.m. injections of penicillin were given i.m. at 48-h intervals. All animals recovered within 30 days
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