Comparison of three flooring types for special-fed holstein veal calves

By Smith, J. L. and Terosky, T. L. and Wheeler, E. F. and Wilson, L. L., Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 1998
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The study aimed to compare health, haematology measurements, growth performance, body cleanliness, hoof and leg characteristics, ambulation scores, and behavioural activities of veal calves housed in individual, raised wooden stalls with 3 different flooring types. The flooring types used were oak wood slats, rectangular shaped vinyl coated slats and diamond shaped vinyl coated slats. There were no differences between treatment groups in average daily gain, body weight, blood measurements or carcass weight or grade (primarily muscle colour). There were differences in standing and lying frequency but these are not considered to be important. Calves on wooden slats were appreciably less clean than those on vinyl coated floors. Wood slats also increased hoof wear, but this did not affect calf growth or health
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