Digital dermatitis in cattle and an evaluation of intensive therapy

By Lam, Tjgm and Merkens, H. W. and Noordhuizen Stassen, E. N. and Suichies, H. R., Tijdschrift Voor Diergeneeskunde, 1993
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Plantar and/or dorsal dermatitis of digital skin just proximal to the coronary border, as described by C. M. Mortellaro in 1974 [see VB 51, 6882; 60, 4948], affected 32 feet in 22 cows of a 65-cow herd. It was treated by cleaning the claws, applying a spray of chlortetracycline and gentian violet at 10-day intervals, and using a chlorteracycline foot bath. After 35 days the condition had improved in 22 feet and had resolved in 5 feet. Five cases which failed to respond may have been an atypical form of dermatitis
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