Osteitis of the apex of the third phalanx following foot trimming in a dairy cow

By Thompson, P. N., Journal of the South African Veterinary Association-Tydskrif Van Die Suid-Afrikaanse Veterinere Vereniging, 1998
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An adult Ayrshire cow was presented with bilateral hind-limb lameness 5 weeks after routine claw trimming. Examination under intravenous regional anaesthesia revealed ulceration of the sole at the toe of both the right lateral and left medial claws of the hind limbs. Radiographic examination showed osteolysis and pathological fractures of the 3rd phalanx of both affected claws. Wooden blocks were fixed to the 2 healthy claws and the bone fragments were removed using a different technique for each claw. Full recovery followed within 11 weeks. The aetiological factors and treatment options for this condition, which was considered to be caused primarily by incorrect claw trimming, are discussed.
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