Three different techniques of elevating an affected claw in comparison. Drei Behandlungsmethoden zur Entlastung erkrankter Klauen im Vergleich

By Geyer, H. and Landerer, R. and Lischer, Ch J. and Räber, M. and Wehrle, M., Schweizer Archiv fuer Tierheilkunde, 2000
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In this field study 168 limbs of dairy cows with claw lesions (sole ulcer or white line disease) were treated on alpine pastures in the Canton Uri, Switzerland. Three different techniques of elevating a claw were tested (Cowslip, traditional Technovit-Block and wedge-shaped Technovit-Block). These blocks were compared for applicability, duration of adhesion, wear and the influence on posture and gait. The elevation of an affected claw resulted four days after application in a remarkable decreasing of the lameness score. In comparison of the three different elevations the quick and easy applicability of the cowslip was outstanding but they did not last long enough and exhibited more signs of wear than the wooden blocks. Cows, which were treated with a wedge-shaped block showed a more free and secure gait compared to the cows treated with a traditional block
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